"Greetings, trespassers! This is Predori Prison Ship Ashmead's Lock. I am the ship's IPU, or Intellectual Processing Unit, designation SOL-GDA: Synthesized Operating Layer, Grid-Based Drive Array. Welcome to my ship."

Ashmead's LockAshmead's Lock when it was a starship—was a former prison ship originally constructed by the Predori, an enemy of the Galactic Republic. As such, it originally housed Republic prisoners. Originally hidden within a gravity well, it crashed centuries before the Galactic Civil War on the forest planet Kashyyyk when the nearby well collapsed on itself. Many years later, it was modified and rebuilt by Golas Aram and used as a prison by the Galactic Empire, while its Intellectual Processing Unit, SOL-GDA, remained intact.


Built and hidden by the Predori, Ashmead's Lock crashed on the planet Kashyyyk centuries before the Galactic Civil War after a cataclysm disrupted the gravity wells that protected it. Years later during the reign of the Galactic Empire, it was used as a prison after being updated and modified by the Siniteen architect Golas Aram.[1]

After being defeated in the pivotal Battle of Endor, and as Imperials scrambled for power after the death of Emperor Sheev Palpatine, Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax hatched a plan in an attempt to topple the New Republic. He allowed Jas Emari, Norra and Temmin Wexley, Mister Bones, Han Solo, Jom Barell and Sinjir Rath Velus to land on Kashyyyk and free the Rebel and Wookiee prisoners from stasis, shutting down the facility in the process. Many of the prisoners were taken to Chandrila, the capital of the New Republic. Rax caused the freed prisoners from Ashmead's Lock to mysteriously and seemingly involuntarily shoot key New Republic leaders on Liberation Day. The attacks resulted in Mon Mothma and Kyrsta Agate being seriously injured whilst high ranking officials such as Crix Madine and Hostis Ij were rumored to be dead.[1]



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