Ashmin Ek was a male individual who served as a New Republic senator for Anthan Spire in 5 ABY. He worked on several councils and caucuses including the Committee for Imperial Reallocation. That year, Ashmin Ek received a bribe in the form of a trade deal from the Black Sun and Red Key Raiders to oppose Chancellor Mon Mothma's resolution to send the New Republic military to Jakku to combat the Galactic Empire. He and four other senators, namely Dor Wieedo, Rethalow, Grelka Sorka, and Nim Tar, voted against the resolution. Ashmin Ek and his fellow senators later changed their votes after a team led by Han Solo and Sinjir Rath Velus exposed the criminal conspiracy. Posing as an adviser to the Chancellor, Sinjir also offered Ashmin and his colleagues pardons and political favors. The plan succeeded and the New Republic sent its military to Jakku, leading to the Battle of Jakku.[1]


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