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«The debate is over. Now we need that clone army.»
―Ask Aak[2]

Ask Aak was a male Gran Senator who represented Malastare in the Galactic Senate during the final decade of the Galactic Republic.


The successor of the late Aks Moe, Ask Aak was a vocal proponent of the Military Creation Act, and went on to support the Clone Wars effort in the years to come. When a clone army, commissioned by a Jedi Master ten years earlier, was discovered by Obi-Wan Kenobi on Kamino, Senator Aak pressed for its use.

Aak with Bail Organa

At some point before the Clone Wars, a Dug named Tahbotza attempted to blackmail Ask Aak's staff. For this, Aak placed a bounty on Tahbotza's head. Aak, as well as his colleague, Aks Moe, placed a bounty on two other Dugs, named Ghazdik Jah and Mazanga for the murder of their special assistants. Aak also wanted Zap'Ulga for connections to a series of raids on Republic freighters carrying relief supplies to Malastare. Aak also placed a bounty on another Dug called Xucaabo for falling heavily on debt. All of these bounties were claimed by Jango Fett.

A strong supporter of Palpatine, he was more progressive and action-oriented than many Loyalist Senators, every bit as outspoken as his predecessor. He heavily criticized the Jedi, blaming them for not preventing Aks Moe's assassination, and later for the disastrous Battle of Parcellus Minor. He was very critical of their role in the war, especially during the first few months of the conflict, and openly questioned the capability of Master Oppo Rancisis. He was also one of the main proponents of the Enhanced Security and Enforcement Act.

He was present in the Senate in 19 BBY when Palpatine proclaimed its New Order and replaced the Republic with the Galactic Empire. Around 11 BBY, Senator Aak sent three men on Alderaan to kidnap eight-year-old Leia Organa, so he could use the young Princess to blackmail her adoptive father, Bail Prestor Organa. However, former Jedi Ferus Olin, who was tasked to watch over Leia, stopped the thugs and used a mind trick on them to make them leave the planet.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Steven Boyle played Ask Aak in Attack of the Clones. In Revenge of the Sith, the role went to Paul Spence.[1]


Senator Ask Aak

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