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Assassin TotG

A female assassin.

"Explanation: You see, master, assassination is such a versatile tool. I have seen the removal of a single target have far-reaching consequences for a nation, world, even a galaxy. The repercussions of even the smallest lives... whether dead or alive, can have profound implications on history."

Assassins were beings or machines trained to kill other beings, either for hire or for political gain. Orders of assassins included the Assassin's Guild, the Loag, the Malkite Poisoners, and the GenoHaradan.

"I knew Vader would send an assassin. It's a cowardous tactic." Princess Leia Organa.

Members of the profession were referred to by many euphemisms and epithets: "problem solvers" in the Corporate Sector Authority, "exterminators" in the Outer Rim Territories, and "slayers" in the Core Worlds. Whatever their name, most professional assassins were concerned solely with credits. This made assassins simultaneously the best paid and most despised members of the galaxy's underworld.

Many bounty hunters who had no objections to killing their targets or working for criminals straddled the line between assassin and bounty hunter.

Species of assassins

While assassins could come from a variety of sentient species, some species were disproportionately represented in the profession. These included Anzat, Tyluun Night-soarers, Kerestians, Bartokk, Noghri, and Blood Carvers.

Assassin droids

Droids built to kill, such as IG-88, HK-47, 4-LOM, and ASN-121, were known as assassin droids.

Sith Assassins

Sith Assassins were minions of the Sith who specialized in stealth and infiltration in order to kill the enemies of the Sith Lords.

Bounty hunters

Bounty hunters would almost always kill for bounty, although some captured living people. Hunters such as Boba Fett, Zuckuss, Bossk, 4-LOM, and Dengar were sometimes referred to as assassins.

Famous assassins

Asajj NYT

Asajj Ventress, Dark Jedi assassin.



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