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"Well, at least we took out the yacht."
―MK-09 — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

In 3 ABY, the Azzameen family made an assassination attempt on K'Armyn Viraxo.

Following the Viraxo family's collaboration with the Galactic Empire to close down and capture the Azzameen family business, Twin Suns Transport Services, the surviving patriarch of the Azzameen family, Antan Azzameen, led the surviving Azzameens on a crusade to destroy the Viraxo and reclaim their former holdings. To that end, Antan Azzameen obtained information indicating that his opposite number K'Armyn Viraxo, Viraxo family patriarch and head of Viraxo Industries, would be passing through the Destreg system with minimal escort. Seeing this as an opportunity to strike his enemy at a vulnerable moment, Antan enlisted his nephews, Ace Azzameen and Emon Azzameen, to ambush Viraxo's yacht, the Highroller.

Unfortunately for the Azzameens, the situation was a trap. The Highroller was operating on remote, and K'Armyn Viraxo was not aboard. Rather than the limited escort the Azzameen pilots were expecting, two Muurian transports escorted by eight Z-95 Headhunters and an Imperial gunboat squadron appeared to intercept them. The Azzameens barely escaped the Destreg system with their lives.

Before departing, however, Ace Azzameen sent a message to the Viraxo. He destroyed the unmanned Highroller, and took the ship's steering wheel as a trophy. His uncle Antan apologized for the failure in intelligence, but was sure that the Azzameens' show of force would cause the Viraxo to hesitate before crossing the Azzameens again.



"Although Aeron agreed some form of revenge was due, she expressed distaste for Uncle Antan's plan. She was about to say more when communications with her failed. Odd."
―MK-09's post-mission report[src]

In 3 ABY,[5] shortly after the Battle of Hoth,[7] Tomaas Azzameen, head of Twin Suns Transport Services, was killed along with his son Galin in the act of providing black market bacta to the Rebellion.[8] As penalty for this act of treason against the Galactic Empire, the family's business and other assets were were seized, and arrest warrants were issued for the surviving Azzameens.[9]

The Azzameens scrambled to save as many assets as they could, but had to work against both Imperial forces and their long-time rivals, the Viraxo, who worked with the Imperials against the Azzameens. While Antan and Emon Azzameen were retrieving cargo from a Twin Suns storage facility, a joint Imperial-Viraxo force captured Antan, who was now the surviving patriarch of the family, and also nearly captured Emon. Meanwhile, a Viraxo CR90 corvette joined an Imperial force was capturing Twin Suns Station, the family's repair yard, and they attempted to capture Aeron and Ace Azzameen as they retrieved a cache of warheads stored there.[9]

Ace and Aeron Azzameen rendezvoused with their brother Emon at their home, Azzameen Station, only to find it under attack by an Imperial task force led by Admiral Garreth Holtz, who was joined by even more Viraxo forces. The three young Azzameen family members had no choice but to flee to hyperspace, using coordinates they were given by Olin Garn, a Rebel friend of Aeron's. There they were given shelter by Rebel Admiral Nammo of the Defiance Task Force.[9] From this temporary base, Aeron and Emon set out to consolidate the remaining Azzameen assets and locate a temporary base of operations, while Ace Azzameen remained behind to join the Rebellion.[6] Soon after, Emon Azzameen ordered MK-09 to fetch Ace from the Defiance[6] to execute a rescue of Antan Azzameen from the Viraxo Industries platform. After they successfully liberated their uncle, Antan Azzameen told the boys that he would contact them soon with plans to strike again.[10]

Shortly after the Defiance Task Force carried off an operation that seriously embarrassed the family's Imperial persecutor, Admiral Holtz,[11] Antan Azzameen was true to his word. He contacted his niece and nephews and summoned them to the temporary Azzameen base of operations to discuss a plan for revenge against the Viraxo.[6]

Ambush in the Destreg systemEdit

"Hmm. My sensors detect no lifeforms aboard the target ship."
"What?!? Emkay, you sure about that?"
"Sir, I do not make such mistakes."
"It's a setup!!!!!"
―MK-09 reports his discovery of the Viraxo ruse to Emon Azzameen[src]


"Our ability to elude K'Armyn's trap and destroy his personal craft should serve as a warning to him... and a reminder that Azzameen vengeance is swift and deadly."
―Antan Azzameen's post-mission debriefing — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Behind the scenesEdit

The attempted assassination of K'Armyn Viraxo appears only in the personal computer game Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance, which was developed for LucasArts by Totally Games and released on February 28, 1999.[4][12]The primary objective of the in-game mission is only to "inspect" the Highroller, meaning to get within half a kilometer according to the measurements of the game engine, and then escape.[1] However, destroying all Viraxo ships is a "bonus goal" in the scenario,[1] and the official strategy guide, which is written primarily from the first-person perspective of MK-09, assumes that the Azzameens will destroy both the Viraxo and bounty hunter forces before fleeing from the Imperials.[6]

This mission, as with most missions in X-Wing Alliance, is not specifically dated by the game or secondary sources. Its timing can only be estimated by preceding and succeeding events that have been given specific dates, but it can be placed in 3 ABY by the fact that all of X-Wing Alliance occurs after the Battle of Hoth, which sources generally agree occurs in 3 ABY, most specifically The Essential Atlas.[13] The assassination attempt also precedes a series of missions in X-Wing Alliance that ties into the Shadows of the Empire meta-series, which is dated to "3.5 ABY" by The New Essential Chronology.[14]

X-Wing Alliance was included in the continuity now known as "Legends" along with most other Star Wars materials produced before April 25, 2014.[15] As it was the final game in the X-Wing series and as LucasArts is now closed,[16] the fates of the Azzameen and Viraxo families will likely remain unknown.



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