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The Five Worlds leadership decided to assassinate Wedge Antilles after replacing him with Admiral Genna Delpin.


After meeting with Jacen Solo aboard the Anakin Solo in 40 ABY, Wedge Antilles returned to the leadership of the Five Worlds on Corellia to report what he'd discussed with Jacen. He urged them that they should make a deal with the Galactic Alliance, because otherwise they could not win the war. Not only did he suggest making a deal, but he expressed his dislike for the assassination attempt on Tenel Ka and that he felt the fleet would have been better suited to fend off the Blockade of Corellia, not fight in the Battle of Hapes.

Dur Gejjen then replaced Antilles with Admiral Genna Delpin, who had led the Corellian forces at Hapes, and did not have the same ethical issues. Antilles in turn resigned his commission, but would make a public appearance to hand over his position to Delphin in front of the Corellian people.

When the public appearance was finished, Gejjen walked Antilles off the stage, and was met by two bodyguards; a Corellian Security Force officer, and a YVH-Series battle droid. Antilles excused himself to a refresher, where his wife had stored a package containing: clothing, a jacket with a picture of Centerpoint Station on the back, a sun visor, and a DH-17 blaster pistol. After he put the gear on Antilles walked out a side entrance so as not to be noticed.

Iella watched over Antilles as he walked down the street, and when she saw that he was being followed sent him three clicks on his comlink. Shortly thereafter Iella told him to get down, and a blaster rifle shot past his head into a nearby speeder. Antilles rolled on his back, and out into traffic, when he noticed an orange airspeeder descending towards him.

This airspeeder could not have fired the shot because it had been too high up, however there were two men on the ground wearing traveling robes. Traveling robes which looked a lot like Jedi robes. Antilles fired on one who was holding a silver tube, which appeared to be an unlit lightsaber, and killed him with a shot to the groin. The other "Jedi" took aim at Antilles again, but a man with a red beard and green jumpsuit leapt from the orange speeder: Corran Horn. Horn was able to take out the "Jedi" sniper, and Antilles hopped into the airspeeder to see his daughter, Myri, piloting.


Myri piloted the airspeeder to the Rental Bay 601208 in the Elmas private spaceport. The Coronet news feed used the story as propaganda and stated that Jedi had attacked unarmed Corellian citizens. An eyewitness also stated that two random men had taken the Jedi out, showing that Jedi are not too hard to defeat.