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"Ultimately, Belia was betrayed and murdered by her own followers. A familiar occurrence in the histories I have read."

In 1230 BBY during a subset of the New Sith Wars called the Sictis Wars,[1] the Dark Lord Belia Darzu was assassinated by the Mecrosa Order,[2] a secret society based in the Tapani sector.[3] The assassination occurred after an alliance between Lord Darzu and the Mecrosa had fallen apart.[2] Despite their former connections with the Sith, the Mecrosa sought revenge against Darzu for her unwanted incursion in their territory.[3] In addition, Darzu was betrayed by her own Sith followers, who somehow participated in her murder.[4] Using poison, the Mecrosa ended the Dark Lord's life on Tython,[3][1] a planet located in the Deep Core of the galaxy.[2] The death of Lord Darzu sabotaged her army of technobeasts, the Metanecrons.[3] The Sith were also left without a clear line of succession for a new holder of the Dark Lord mantle.[5]



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