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"…you shoulda' seen the results of our tests on Fest—my weapons are gonna put a lot of holes in a lot of Rebel scum—."
Moff Rebus[1]

A Dark Trooper with an Assault cannon

The assault cannon was a fully-automatic weapon used by the Phase II Dark troopers. It was a modified Imperial Repeater Rifle weapon. 1.2 meters long, the wide body had two barrels with two triggers. The first trigger fired a deadly blue-white plasma shot (maximum capacity 400) at an approximate rate of 540 RPM, the second firing compact, dumb-fire missiles (20). Blasts from this weapon were extremely lethal, capable of punching through body armor and killing soldiers in a single shot. Only soldiers equipped with a Personal energy shield could hope to stand a chance against a trooper equipped with this deadly weapon.

The Phase III Trooper carried a similar weapon. It was essentially a standard assault cannon with five plasma barrels, which allowed the user to fire at a much faster rate, and had an increased ammunition capacitor to compensate. This version lacked the missile launcher used by the Phase IIs and was much too heavy for a human soldier to wield effectively.

Though the weapon was exclusively designed for the Dark Trooper battle droid, an ordinary soldier could grip, aim, and fire it. Kyle Katarn was able to acquire such a weapon during the campaign to eliminate the Dark Trooper Project, using it to great effect in keeping Phase II Dark Troopers at bay.

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