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A battle was fought around 4 ABY between the Empire of the Hand and Chiss Ascendancy with the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium at Lwhekk, capital of the Imperium.

At the time the Ssi-Ruuvi invasion of the larger galaxy was taking place, they were also launching preliminary attacks against their distant neighbor in the Unknown Regions, the Chiss Ascendancy. The Chiss did not take kindly to their citizens being enteched, and so slightly after the Invasion of Bakura, the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force launched a massive raid against Lwhekk, destroying a good deal of Ssi-ruuvi ships and shipyards.

Just after the Chiss departed from their punitive raid, a New Republic task force led by the recently renovated Shriwirr (renamed Sibwarra by the New Republic) arrived. They took note of the large-scale damage, and attempted to negotiate a truce with the Ssi-ruuk. When that proved futile, the New Republic Fleet engaged in another punitive battle against the already-weakened Lwhekk, then departed on Mon Mothma's orders to aid in the liberation of Clak'dor VII. The New Republic Intelligence Service believed that Admiral Ivpikkis commanded the Ssi-ruuvi forces in that engagement.

It would be many years until Lwhekk fully recovered from the attacks.



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