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"Welcome to Spuma Flats. I trust you enjoyed the ride. The Rebel forces are at grid reference 678/446. You all know what you have to do. Good luck and good hunting."
Colonel Johans[src]

The assault on the planet Protazk was part of the Kwymar Suppressions, in 17 BBY. The Rebel forces were defeated by the Galactic Empire.


"Keep your eyes peeled, this place is crawling with Rebel scum."

Early during the Imperial Period, the Rebel bases in the Kwymar sector came under attack by the Imperial forces in a campaign known as the Kwymar Suppressions. Protazk was one of those planets attacked.[1]

The battleEdit

"Rebel airspeeders approaching in attack formation. Squad three, peel off and intercept."
―Colonel Johans[src]

The battle began when the Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Unit repulsortanks attacked a fortified area known as the Spuma Flats. Colonel Zel Johans personally led the regiment in his tank. While the others tanks engaged the laser turrets and Rebel troopers hidden in trenches, Squad three intercepted a group of airspeeders.[3]

Once all fortification were destroyed, stormtroopers landed in Imperial Armored Transports and assaulted the Rebel Infantry in the trenches.[3]



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