"Imperial forces just hit Tython. Iso-5 bombings, strike teams in the Jedi Temple... they need our support, now!"
Theron Shan[src]

The Assault on Tython, also known as the Invasion of Tython, was a battle that occurred in 3637 BBY during the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire. The attack was orchestrated by Darth Arkous and his apprentice Lana Beniko with the intention of acquiring the information stored within the Jedi Archives on the planet Tython.

The initial assault overwhelmed the Republic Military's defenses in the Tythonian Gnarls region, killing Major Imos, and then sacked the grounds of the Jedi Temple. Jedi Master Liam Dentiri and many other Jedi fell in defense of the Temple, and the Sith and Imperial forces also slew Master Oric Traless, a member of the Jedi High Council, during their assault on the Temple. The Sith were successful in raiding the Temple's databanks, but at the same time, the Republic captured the Sith homeworld of Korriban. Both the Republic and the Empire launched simultaneous efforts to reclaim their respective worlds.

The strike team that had captured Korriban returned to help retake Tython. With tactical support from Theron Shan, the team landed in the Tythonian Gnarls. Aided by squads of Republic troopers, the team took out the five generators powering the shields protecting the Temple, and defeated Major Travik. Then they made their way to the grounds of the Jedi Temple and destroyed the four AA turrets before facing off against Lieutenant Kreshin, who used reprogrammed Temple training droids as makeshift suicide bombers. They managed to defeat the Lieutenant.

The team then made their way inside the Temple, which had been sacked heavily, and defeated the Sith and Imperial forces inside. In the Council Chambers, they faced off against the silent warrior Lord Goh, who attempted to use the holocrons in the chamber to defeat the heroes, but they defeated him.



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