An assault regiment was a formation of the Imperial Army.

History[edit | edit source]

One well known assault regiment was the 76th Assault Regiment. Their exploits during the Galactic Civil War made them very distinguished compared to other formations.[3]

Two armor battalions of 112th vanguard armor regiment and two battalions of imperial army infantry and stormtrooper was organized into an assault regiment called Battle Group Turak. General Maltaz commanded the unit during battle of Turak IV. But was killed and the entire ordeal was considered the worst defeat of 112th, against the rebel alliance.[4]

Some imperial officers disagreed with this view. And pointed to the fact that the alliance military had suffered the heavy losses during the engagement.[4]

Organization[edit | edit source]

Assault regiments were made up two assault battalions, a line battalion, and an armor battalion. Assault regiments were 3,546 personnel strong, backed by 121 repulsorcraft and 53 heavy tanks. Assault regiments were deployed to assault enemy strongholds, clear resistance then move on to another theatre of operations with their place being taken by a line regiment.[1]

Assault regiments could be augmented by the addition of a special missions battalion, another line battalion, an assault battalion, and an artillery battalion.[2]

Order of Battle organizational chart[edit | edit source]

Assault regiment organizational chart on the Imperial Army Order of Battle

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