Assault trooper

An Imperial assault trooper squad leader

Assault troopers were a variant of the Galactic Empire's stormtroopers. They wore standard white stormtrooper armor with yellow markings. With the yellow markings, the armor somewhat resembled the armor worn by Phase I Clone trooper commanders.

Assault Troopers were known to assault key Rebel Alliance bases, carry out head on attacks, escorts and usually found themselves combating Rebel SpecForces. They were notable for their fierce brutality in the Battle of Restuss.[source?]

This designation of soldier was constantly tasked with launching full-scale invasions of enemy planets and cities. Troopers of this variant specialized in full frontal assaults, open confrontations and search and destroy missions, sending in massive battalions at a time.[source?]

Despite the fierce reputation of Assault Troopers, they were quite vulnerable to the Rebel Alliance's guerrilla warfare tactics. They were favored by hit-and-run attacks organized by Rebel commandos.[source?]



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