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Representative Binks

An Associate Planetary Representative, also known as Junior Representative or simply representative, was a junior member of a Senatorial delegation in the Galactic Republic and Empire, and appointed by the Galactic Representative Commission. While only the delegation's senator could vote, the representatives were there to offer the views of political, ethnic, or religious minorities from the delegation's sector. If the Senator was unable to be at a meeting of the Senate, and/or had to take a leave of absence, he/she would appoint one of their delegation's representatives to serve as an acting senator. Representatives could be candidates for chancellorship just like senators. In the New Republic Senate, the position was replaced by the position of Legate.

Possibly the most famous representative was the Gungan Jar Jar Binks of the Chommell sector, who filled in for Senator Amidala on several occasions. His most important and best-remembered decision as acting senator was the suggestion that emergency powers should be handed to the Supreme Chancellor, a suggestion which was met by thunderous applause and approval. After the death of Amidala and the reformation of the Republic into the Galactic Empire, Binks would go on to serve as full-time senator in the Imperial Senate.

Other notable representatives included Ainlee Teem, Zil Topur, Moje, Lolo Purs, and Nix Card.



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