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The Anaxes asteroid belt

"That wasn't a laser blast! Something hit us!"
―Han Solo[1]

An asteroid was a large solid object orbiting a star that was smaller than a planet. Asteroids could be found in asteroid fields,[1] as well as around planets; Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jango Fett had a dogfight in an asteroid field above Geonosis.[2] During the Galactic Civil War, Han Solo escaped from the Death Squadron by flying into the Hoth asteroid belt.[1]

Asteroids housed facilities such as the Polis Massa medical facility.[3] Asteroids could support life, especially if they had their own thin atmosphere, with rocks and minerals forming the basis of many food chains. Many monstrous creatures dwelt within asteroids, with mynocks and fyrnocks thriving on asteroids[4] and Space slugs also known to inhabit them.[1]

By the time of the Battle of Hoth, there were no official records of exploration of the center of asteroids.[5]

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