Pirate asteroid base

A pirate asteroid base.

Asteroid bases were space stations built into asteroids. Many groups used such bases, including pirates, smugglers as well as legitimate commercial or scientific concerns. They also saw some private use, such as Void Station acting as a private retreat for the Bothan Jib Kopatha. In addition, some were also retrofitted to act as bases, such as the Asteroid Hangars developed by Byblos Drive Yards, originally acting as mining areas.

The criminal organization Black Sun owned several asteroid bases.[1] The Galactic Empire in its various forms also possessed Asteroid bases, including the Cairn Installation utilized by the Empire Reborn[2] and the Byblos Drive Yards-developed To-phalion Base[3] and Falken's Lab[4] utilized by the pre-Endor Galactic Empire. The Rebel Alliance also owned some asteroid bases, such as the one in the Kashyyyk system.[5] StarForge Station was also a haven for various outlaws in the galaxy.[6] Station Gamma, formerly owned by the Rak'qua, was utilized by the Galactic Empire as a slaving depot and suspected research center.[7] The Vergesso Base was a shadowport for the Rebel Alliance, although it was formally owned by the Tenloss Syndicate.[8] The resort The Edge of the Galaxy contained an asteroid installation.[9]

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