The Astrographic Survey Institute (ASI) was a New Republic General Ministry Institute.

A civilian organization, ASI was responsible for the discovery, identification, survey and cataloging of unexplored planets, star systems and other celestial bodies. Other ASI responsibilities included the definition of planetary coordinates found in navigation computers and monitoring potentially dangerous celestial anomalies and catastrophes, like the potential supernova of Carconth. It ostensibly performed much of its work alongside the New Republic Astrogation Studies Center.

The breadth and depth of ASI's collective knowledge saw its staff commonly called upon to assist New Republic Intelligence Service and the New Republic Defense Fleet in assessing threats and uncovering unique intelligence. They also commonly compiled comprehensive reports on battles, conflicts and crises for New Republic authorities, such as the Corellian crisis and the Black Fleet Crisis.

During the Black Fleet Crisis, then–Associate Director Kiles L'toth grudgingly agreed to send Astrolabe into the Farlax sector to scout for Yevethan activity when his hands were tied. The crew of Astrolabe died on that mission, but it was critical to involving the New Republic in the Koornacht Cluster and bringing justice after the Yevethan Purge. When L'toth left to command the New Republic Fifth Battle Group, his son, Been L'toth, became ASI's director.

Later, ASI's extensive data library was greatly expanded when Moff Ephin Sarreti provided open access to the Imperial archives.

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, Director L'toth led a team of ASI's best researchers and scientists in discovering the origins of the Yuuzhan Vong.



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