Astrolabe was an Astrogator-class probe of the Astrographic Survey Institute. In 16 ABY, when New Republic General Etahn A'baht was forbidden to enter the Koornacht Cluster despite his awareness of massing Yevethan forces, he asked his friend Kiles L'toth, associate-director of the Astrographic Survey Institute, to send one of his survey vessels into the Cluster. Despite his concerns over neutrality, L'toth agreed, and rerouted Astrolabe from its regular duties to the Farlax sector.

Upon entering the Doornik-1142 system, Astrolabe discovered a massing Yevethan fleet and a large shipyard facility. Before it was able to transmit its findings back to the Institute, Astrolabe was detected and destroyed by Purity. The ship's crew dead and their bodies publicly displayed, Nil Spaar using the event as a sign of New Republic aggression. He blamed Chief of State Leia Organa Solo for the three dead crew members, which further damaged her credibility amongst the Senate.



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