Ataria Island was one of the larger islands of Spira. The famous Aspre Plunge was located on this island, as was Ataria City.


Ataria Island was located in the south-eastern hemisphere of the planet Spira. Its east coast was dominated by beaches, while sheer cliffs surrounded the rest of the island. Ataria City, a thriving tourist city, was located by the eastern beaches, and included a large marina that spread across the southern inlet. The interior consisted of gentle slopes upon which thousands of small bungalows were built. A large spaceport serviced the island, and was the only one on Spira that received passenger liners. Monorail lines criss-crossed the island, allowing fast travel.[1]


While Ataria Island was not the only resort island on Spira, it was considered to be the best and most exclusive. It was the starting and end point for the Spira Regatta Open, a famous yacht race that attracted competitors and viewers from all over the galaxy.[1]


Ataria Island's main feature was the Aspre Plunge, regarded as the most exclusive resort on the island, as well as the most exclusive on the planet and the entire sector. Built into the island's north cliff, half of the structure was above the water, while the other half was submerged underwater. It boasted luxury hotel rooms, malls, spas and clubs, fine dining halls, and a three-level casino.[1]

Ataria City was a bustling tourist settlement on the eastern shore. The city's marina was the starting point for the famous Spira Regatta Open yacht race. The island's spaceport was the main arrival point for tourists arriving on Spira, as it was the only facility permitted to receive passenger liners. Unlike other spaceports which tended to have a dreary atmosphere, the one on Ataria Island was beautifully decorated. The landing pads were coated in red marble, while planters of exotic plants lined the hardpan and were protected by force fields. A small compound housing Imperial starfighters and shuttles was also located at the spaceport.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Ataria Island first appeared in The Spira Regatta, and adventure written by Paul Sudlow that was published in West End Games' Star Wars Adventure Journal 1.

In the anime series Super Dimension Fortress Macross, the island where the Macross spacecraft crashes is called South Ataria Island. The island also resembles South Ataria geographically, with the city/bay for Ataria corresponding to the area where the Macross crashed on South Ataria, and where the city grew up around the rebuilding project.


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