"An honest mistake I assure you. My men will relocate the Pillio operation. And double––no, triple our efforts on Athulla."
―Gleb, to Gideon Hask[2]

Athulla was a planet located in the Jinata system that was under the control of Jinata Security. After falling behind in schedule and allowing Del Meeko to learn of their plans for Project Resurrection, Gideon Hask informed the Aqualish Gleb that he was shutting down the project. Gleb assured Hask that it was a mistake and that her men would triple their efforts on Athulla, to which the First Order officer responded that he would leave a few of his men behind to ensure Gleb kept her word.[2]

It was also part of Project Resurrection, but the First Order abandoned Athulla after Iden Versio, found out their plan.

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Notes and references[]

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