The Atiang held in the Eanca Goa-Ato

The Atiang, or The Awards, were the annual hunting awards given by the Goa-Ato to successful bounty hunters. The Rodian group would give these prestigious honors out in various categories, such as "Most Notorious Capture" or "Best Shot". The Atiang were given at the Hunters' Guild Hall in Iskaayuma. Finalists were notified well in advance so they could attend the ceremony. The event was broadcast around Rodia and to other worlds with significant Rodian populations. The ceremony lasted for more than 14 hours, as after each winner was announced, their verification recordings were displayed. For days after the awards ceremony, the verification recordings of the fi- nalists were also broadcast to honor those who almost made it, though there were no awards for second place. Winners received 100,000 credits, a holotrophy (displaying the award, plus the verification recordings on command), and a small metal insignia to be worn when desired (for those hunters who liked to show off). The winners were also enshrined in the Awards Hall itself.



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