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This article is about the Atravis sector. You may be looking for the Atrivis sector.
"They have only themselves to blame."
Grand Moff Tarkin, in reference to the Atravis sector massacres[src]

The Atravis sector was made up of the Atravis systems, which were devastated by massacres carried out by the Galactic Empire. Throughout the dark times after the rise of the New Order, the sector was the site of many battles between the Empire, former Separatists, and members of the Rebel Alliance for years, sometimes with all three fighting one another.

Eight years after the Battle of Endor, self-styled Lord High Admiral Harrsk consolidated his forces in this sector.

According to Admiral Gial Ackbar's reports, Roganda and Irek Ismaren fled to the Atravis sector after their failed attempt to gain power on Belsavis.[4]

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