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Atrisia (also called Kitel Phard) was an ancient planet with a widely varied ecosystem.


The planet was governed by a planetary empire, and has been overseen by more than fifty-six Emperors in its history since the Kitel Phard Dynasty was founded in 25,200 BBY. These Emperors maintained control through the Yovshin Swordsmen and later the Atrisian Assault Corps; at Jar'Kai, the Yovshin Swordsmen developed Jar'Kai swords of galactic fame. The fifty-fourth Emperor, Uueg Tching of Kitel Phard, was made famous for this oft-referenced quote recorded in the Sayings:

There are three ways to defeat your enemy. The first, and most obvious, is to better him in a trial of force. The best way is to have him destroy himself…The middle way is to destroy your enemy from within. Judicious application of the middle way shall make your blows more effective if you later take the way of force. From the middle way it is also possible to push your enemy onto the path of self-destruction.

The region of space around Atrisia was explored at some point between 5000 BBY and 4000 BBY.[2]

In 3630 BBY, the weapon masters of Atrisia needed hardened warriors to test their students.[3] Roughly around the same time, a treasure hunter claimed to have recovered Jar'Kai dueling sabers of one of the first Yovshin Swordsmen of Atrisia.[4]

The Sayings were stored in the Atrisian Imperial Historical Library around 3000 BBY and printed for the Atrisian nobility around 1500 BBY. When the Atrisian Parliament seized power in 539 BBY, it released the Sayings to the public.

Uueg Tching-TEA

Uueg Tching, Emperor of Atrisia.

Two of Uueg Tching's descendants, who perhaps best exemplified his deviousness, were the "Invisible Empress" Oeana Tching and Eoaq the Expansive. Most of the Kitel Phard dynasty, however, fell far short of Uueg's illustrious example.

Atrisia was part of the Galactic Empire; The Imperial Sourcebook seemed to imply that Atrisian realpolitik was at the back of many of Palpatine's policies and tactics. One of the Empire's four major army components was the Atrisian Royal Corps. This Corps developed the FD Ratio classification of artillery.

By 11 ABY, Atrisia was ruled by the Atrisian Commonwealth, and the New Republic sought to gain the world's allegiance.

It was rumored that Atrisia was home to many mythological creatures and demigods. One such demigod known galaxywide was Wapoe, the Atrisian demigod of disguise.

Behind the scenesEdit

The quote attributed to the fifty-fourth Emperor, Uueg Tching of Kitel Phard, first appeared in the Imperial Sourcebook. This quote has most recently appeared in The New Jedi Order: Force Heretic I: Remnant, by Sean Williams and Shane Dix, before the prologue.




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