The Atrisian Commonwealth was an alliance of planets centered around the planet Atrisia, also called Kitel Phard. The Commonwealth contained 200 settled worlds in the Core Worlds, near the Unknown Regions. The Atrisians were an insular people who therefore joined the Galactic Republic as an Allied Region. The Atrisian Commonwealth declared its independence from the Galactic Empire after the Battle of Endor but later accepted Allied Region status in the New Republic.[1]

Corellia Antilles indicated that the recovery of the Sayings by the New Republic would help diplomatic efforts to gain that world's allegiance. As late as the period of the Galactic Empire, the existence of the Atrisian Royal Corps suggests that it remained ruled by at least a figurehead emperor. The history of Uueg Tching's Sayings suggests a political evolution from absolute monarchy to a more liberal system.


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