The Atrisian Parliament was the government of the planet Atrisia. Taking over power from the ailing Kitel Phard Dynasty, it was an evolution of the planet's slow move from absolute monarchy to a more liberal governing system, though the Imperial line continued in a figurehead capacity until at least the time of the Rebellion.

Based in the city of Jar'Kai, the parliament is probably best remembered for releasing copies of Emperor Uueg Tching's Sayings in a limited number to the public in 539 BBY. The parliament apparently made the planet a member of the Galactic Republic, staying loyal during the Clone Wars and was an exponent of the New Order, with the Atrisian Military, the Royal Corps becoming one of the four main army components of the Galactic Empire and its realpolitik heavily influencing much of Palpatine's policies and tactics. In 11 ABY as the Empire fragmented, the parliament was replaced by the Atrisian Commonwealth, who seemed to stay out of galactic affairs.

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