Uueg Tching Sayings SWAJ14

The original manuscript of Uueg Tching's Sayings.

Atrisian script was a writing system used in the galaxy originating in Atrisia.

Atrisian scribes wrote in that script the Sayings of Uueg Tching who taught his heirs, and Uueg intended them to be a guide to his descendants. [1]

At the time of the Cold War, many inscriptions and advertising in Atrisian script could be spotted, notably on Nar Shaddaa. This means this script was already in wide galactic use as of 3653 BBY.[2] Millennia later, by the time of the Galactic Civil War, it was most commonly used for confidential information.[3]

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Behind the scenesEdit

Imperial clock screensaver

The "Imperial Clock" screensaver in Star Wars Screen Entertainment.

It seems the (then unnamed) Atrisian script was first used in old LucasArts games before Stephen Crane had fully developed Aurebesh. It appears to be the same as the writing on the display in the Emperor's throne room aboard the Death Star II (seen in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi).

An ornate version of this alphabet made an appearance in 1994's Star Wars Screen Entertainment, in a module that was a re-creation of the Death Star Viewport targeting Yavin 4.



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