The Atrivis Advancer was a starship owned by Alliance to Restore the Republic scout Flinor Tekkirl. A Pathfinder model manufactured by Vangaard Industries, the starship remained unmodified by the scout.[1] At thirty-six meters in length, the scout vessel was equipped with a single turret-mounted laser cannon and could attain speeds of 950 kilometers per hour in atmosphere. It was hyperdrive-equipped, with a Class 3 as primary, and a Class 15 as backup,[2] enabling Tekkirl to use it in his various scouting missions to unexplored and dangerous regions of the galaxy.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Bill Smith created the Atrivis Advancer for the West End Games sourcebook Cracken's Rebel Operatives, published in 1994, where it received a brief mention among the items in Flinor Tekkirl's equipment list. The book specified that the starship remained in stock condition, and directed the reader to the statistics for the Vangaard pathfinder contained within Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts, written by Smith and Bill Olmesdahl and published in 1993.


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