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The Atrivis sector was a sector that contained[3] the planet[4] Fest, and the astronomical objects Mantooine[2] and Generis[3] in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories.[1] The Rebel pilot Paril Ritta was one of four pilots who were transferred from the Atrivis sector to the Profundity to bolster its starfighter forces.[3] By 5 BBY,[source?] the sector was the site of an armed rebellion against the Galactic Empire by the Atrivis Resistance Group and the Liberators. The Liberators seized the garrison on Mantooine, but were soon devastatingly defeated by the Imperial Navy. The Atrivis Resistance Group, based out of Generis Station, then decided to join what Senator Mon Mothma had begun calling "the Alliance," being one of the first of what would be the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[2]

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