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"Attack Pattern Delta. Go now."
―Luke Skywalker, during the Battle of Hoth[src]

Attack Pattern Delta was one of three Rogue Doctrine attack formations developed by Commander Luke Skywalker and Alliance to Restore the Republic tactician Beryl Chiffonage,[1] with help from Risiev Credal,[3] for use by the T-47 airspeeders stationed at Echo Base on the planet Hoth.[1]

Attack Pattern Delta TCG

Attack Pattern Delta in action

Skywalker and Chiffonage knew they would be facing Imperial walkers in the upcoming battle after the Rebel base had been discovered. However, until the actual thick of combat, the fact that the armor of an AT-AT walker was too strong for the snowspeeders' laser cannons was unknown.[4]

The tactic consisted of a formation of snowspeeders approaching the enemy walkers in a single-file formation to give the enemy a single target. When the speeders reached optimal firing range, the lead speeder would fire before peeling off in one direction. While an AT-AT could only track a single speeder, the rest of the squadron would be able to approach relatively safely, each with a clear shot before parting in different directions. This tactic was used to great effect against the AT-ATs during the Battle of Hoth.[4]

In 24 ABY it was also used by New Republic in Battle of the Emperor's Plague Storehouse.[5]



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