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During the First Order–Resistance war, a First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer attacked and destroyed an Aeosian village as part of their campaign to deny the Resistance access to former Rebel Alliance bases. The attack led to the abandonment of the village and resulted in several wounded Aeosians. When the Colossus refueling platform arrived seeking refuge, the Aeosian Queen ordered her people to attack the newcomers. However, Kazuda Xiono managed to convince her that the Colossus did not pose a threat. In return for medical supplies to treat the wounded, the Queen gave Captain Imanuel Doza and his people sanctuary.


During the Imperial Era, the Rebel Alliance established an underground base on the ocean world of Aeos Prime. The rebels were welcomed by the indigenous Aeosian villagers, who built their village near the base.[4]

The attackEdit

Following the outbreak of the First Order–Resistance war, the First Order, a remnant of the Old Empire, launched a campaign to destroy former Rebellion bases in order to deny them to the insurgent Resistance. A First Order Star Destroyer traveled to Aeos Prime and attempted to destroy the rebel base. They instead attacked the nearby Aeosian village, wounding several people and forcing them to evacuate underground.[4]


TheNewWorld EG

Aeosian warriors attacked the Colossus, mistakenly believing the station to be a threat.

Shortly after the First Order raid, the refueling platform Colossus, arrived on Aeos Prime. The Colossus had spend several months eluding the First Order and had scouted Aeos Prime as a potential place to establish a new home. Captain Imanuel Doza, the leader of the Colossus, and its inhabitants liked the planet's blue skies and oceans.[4]

During a scouting party, the Resistance pilot Kazuda Xiono and former Imperial pilot Griff Halloran discovered the abandoned village. While exploring the caves, they were captured by the Aeosians, who believed them to be a threat. The Aeosian Queen believed that the Colossus was the same ship that had attacked their village. She authorized an attack on the Colossus and wanted to feed Xiono, Halloran, and their droids CB-23 and R5-G9 to her winged krakavora.[4]

Meanwhile, several Aeosian warriors and their krakavora steeds attacked the Colossus. They overpowered the B1-series battle droid "B1" and several B2-series super battle droids and attempted to force their way inside. However, Kaz managed to convince the Aeosian Queen that the Colossus residents did not pose a threat by treating a wounded Aeosian. As a result, the Queen called off the attack and entered into talks with Captain Doza. These talks proved fruitful and she allowed them to settle on Aeos Prime.[4]

Despite the Colossus residents' hope of establishing a new home on Aeos Prime, the First Order soon discovered their presence after Xiono attempted to rejoin the Resistance. First Order forces led by Commander Pyre attacked the Colossus on Aeos Prime. However, Ace Squadron and the Aeosians managed to hold off the First Order long enough for the Colossus to escape into hyperspace.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Attack on Aeos Prime first appeared in the Star Wars Resistance episode "The New World", which premiered on Disney XD on January 12, 2019.[4]


Notes and referencesEdit

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