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The Attack on Bannistar Station was a conflict during the Galactic Civil War that took place when the Rebel One accidentally ended up at Bannistar Station.


After the disaster at Deepspace Besh the heavily damaged Rebel One jumped randomly through hyperspace, ending up at Bannistar Station. Instead of fleeing the Rebels decided to infiltrate and destroy the station.

The battle[]

Bannistar Station being destroyed

When the Imperials discovered the Rebel One, they moved in to inspect. The Rebel One, however, overloaded its engines and exploded. Using the explosion as a distraction, a Rebel infiltration team made their way to Bannistar Station. Before they could sabotage the station, however, they were captured. One of the Rebels had avoided capture continued on her mission. Shortly after she too was discovered and was forced to flee. She ended up high above a refueling Star Destroyer and dropped one of her thermal detonators down the fuel line. The following explosion took out an entire section of the station. The captured Rebels used the ensueing chaos to free themselves and escape the station in a stolen shuttle. With the help of Dagger Squadron, sent by Admiral Gial Ackbar, they made their way back to the Alliance Fleet.



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