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This attack on Bright Sun Hill took place in 43.5 ABY. In that year, the Raining Leaves and the Broken Columns Clans came together in a conclave to unite the clans into one clan. However, after multiple Nightsister attacks, they moved their conclave to a hill, which was claimed by Ben Skywalker and Dyon Stadd for the Jedi Order, so that the Clans it could remain neutral ground for the Clans.

The two Clans merged, but at nightfall, the Nightsisters attacked the hill. The Clans' Witches took part in the battle, and those without "The Arts" used spears and blasters to protect their hilltop. The hill was also attacked by the Nightsisters' Rancors, which were controlled by the control web spell. The battle at first went badly for the members of the Bright Sun Clan as they were not well organized. Though they did severely injure a few rancors, quite a few clan members were lost or too severely hurt to participate in the battle. Ben Skywalker eventually helped the people to devise a plan that would better defend them, by acting as if the hill was a Star Destroyer. The spearmen acted like shields and held back the enemies, allowing the blasters to act like turbolasers and concentrate fire on their assailants. The Witches then act like special weapons, such as ion cannons and proton torpedos, firing from deep behind their lines to help weaken the rancors. Using this technique, with the help of Luke Skywalker weakening the witches by using other Force techniques, the Bright Suns were able to repel the Nightsisters.

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