"A Republic light cruiser is on its way with the necessary firepower to destroy the control ship orbiting above you. Once the droid army is helpless, I trust Commander Roshton won't have any trouble with the Neimoidian overseers and their techs."
Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to Kinman Doriana[src]

The attack on Cartao occurred during the early stages of the Clone Wars over the use of a secondary cloning facility owned by Spaarti Creations. Coming across a planet called Cartao, Palpatine "discovered" Spaarti cloning cylinders, and sent a force led by Kinman Doriana there. It was a victory for the Galactic Republic.

The battle[edit | edit source]

During the battle, General Fyefee Tiis used his ship, the Whipsaw, to disable the Separatist Droid Control Ship orbiting Cartao, thus giving the Republic's ground forces advance time before the Separatist Droid Army could be activated. Kinman Doriana managed to ram remotely-controlled Republic assault transport into the Spaarti facility, destroying the majority of it—and pinning the civilian loss of life on the Jedi Order. The planet of Cartao was left ravaged by the battle. Several thousand of the cloning cylinders survived, because they were stored in a warehouse away from the main complex. Palpatine had Doriana take the surviving cylinders to Wayland.

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