The Attack on Centa Sonhan's sail barge was a battle that occurred on Tatooine during the Galactic Civil War.


After discovering the existence of his Bafforr tree grove, the Imperial officer, Ingah Muloha decided to capture Momaw Nadon because of this subversive behavior. She contacted an Imperial sympathizer, the crime lord Centa Sonhan and he captured Nadon and held him aboard his sail barge.

A Rebel Alliance team set out to free Nadon and they learned the location of the sail barge from the Devaronian Information broker, Ladira.

The battleEdit

The Alliance attacked the barge, killing some of the Imperials and Centa Sohan. They were then able to free Nadon. However, the sail barge drifted into the path of a gravel storm and a Krayt dragon. The Alliance team were able to escape with Nadon in their speeder and left the sail barge to be destroyed by the storm and the dragon.


The local Imperial commander, Lieutenant Harburik assumed that his men and the sail barge had been lost in the gravel storm, so was none the wiser to what had really occurred.


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