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"Dantooine is too remote for an effective demonstration, but we can make use of it nonetheless."
Admiral Daala[src]

The Attack on Dantooine, also known as the Dantooine Massacre, was an act of terror perpetrated by the Imperial warlord Admiral Daala during the Galactic Civil War against a newly-established colony on the planet Dantooine.

The colony was set up by the New Republic for the refugees of the hostile world Eol Sha when their leader, Gantoris, joined Luke Skywalker as a Jedi apprentice at Skywalker's newly-founded Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4. Dantooine was supposed to be a peaceful, out-of-the-way respite for those who had known only hardship for so long on their former home.

Admiral Daala learned of the refugees after intercepting a CR90 corvette bound for Dantooine with supplies for them. Believing the Eol Sha settlement was a Republic base, Daala showed up with her three Imperial-class Star Destroyers just as the final touches were being applied to the colony. Upon arrival, she ordered the deployment of AT-AT walkers, supported by TIE/sa bombers, to wipe out the camp, hoping to draw the attention of Republic reinforcements.

The attack took the outpost completely by surprise, and the Republic engineers in the settlement, working on setting up a communication center, managed only to fire a single shot from the base's small ion cannon before it was destroyed. All of the refugees were killed, along with a number of engineers.

Gantoris was shown a vision of the massacre by the spirit of the Sith Lord, Exar Kun prior to the Jedi apprentice's death.



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