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"The Empire owes you much. Our victory would not be possible without you. What reward would you name?"
"Your life, Emperor Fel."
―Roan Fel's decoy and Darth Krayt[1]

This attack was the last battle of the Sith–Imperial War. In 127 ABY, following the failure of the Ossus Project—an effort to restore planets damaged during the earlier Yuuzhan Vong War—the Galactic Empire declared war on the Galactic Alliance. A year into the war, the Sith Order emerged, offering to ally with the Empire and help to defeat the Alliance's Jedi. With the Empire bolstered by the Sith, the Alliance surrendered in 130 ABY. Following the surrender, the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Krayt, arrived on Coruscant, where he confronted a double of Emperor Roan Fel during a meeting with the Moff Council. In the mistaken belief that the decoy was Fel himself, Krayt stated that his Sith Order had helped win the war and now he sought his reward—Fel's life. Krayt and his Sith killed the Emperor's protectors and the decoy, with Krayt then pronouncing himself emperor.


"The Sith plan to attend the Moffs' Council meeting and assassinate Your Majesty."
―Nyna Calixte, revealing the Sith's plan to Roan Fel[4]

Around 127 ABY, the Yuuzhan Vong terraforming project—an effort that sought to restore planets that had been damaged during the Yuuzhan Vong War a century earlier—began. However, many things went wrong, resulting in a number of mutations on the planets where the project was taking place. Angered by this, the Galactic Empire—which had never forgiven the Yuuzhan Vong for the war—declared war on the Galactic Alliance, which had supported the Ossus Project at the urging of the New Jedi Order.[4]

The ensuing war began poorly for the Empire, as the Jedi proved to be a tremendous advantage for the Alliance. A year into the war, however the Sith Order emerged, offering to assist the Imperial forces. The Empire accepted their offer, and thanks to the Sith, the tide began to turn. However, unbeknownst to Emperor Roan Fel, the Sith had caused the Ossus Project to fail and had approached Grand Admiral Morlish Veed and Moff Nyna Calixte earlier with an offer of alliance. They had also promised to overthrow Emperor Fel and replace him with someone stronger. Veed assumed that the Sith were referring to him, and he and his lover Calixte accepted their offer, later manipulating the Moff Council into accepting the Sith's deal when the time came.[4]

Following the Alliance's surrender in 130 ABY, Darth Maladi met with Calixte and Veed, who had recently been named High Moff, onboard Veed's flagship, the Imperious. She explained that the time had come to remove Fel from the throne, and they planned to do so during a meeting that Fel had scheduled with the Moffs in the upcoming days. However, Calixte had second thoughts and feared that the Sith would instead name their leader, Darth Krayt, emperor. She warned Fel in secret, informing him that the Sith intended to kill him. Fel decided to place a double on the throne at the meeting.[4]

The attack[]

"Imperial Knights! Save your Emperor!"
―Mohrgan Fel[4]

Darth Krayt kills the decoy of Roan Fel.

The meeting went ahead as scheduled, with Fel and the Moffs discussing the terms of the Alliance's surrender. Halfway through the conference, Darths Krayt, Maladi, Nihl, and Wyyrlok arrived. Fel's decoy asked what reward the Sith wanted for their assistance in the war, with Krayt responding that he sought the Emperor's life. Fel's Imperial Knight bodyguards moved to protect Fel's double; however, they were no match for the Sith. Mohrgan Fel and Fel's three other protectors were quickly killed. Krayt then killed Fel's decoy and declared himself Emperor. With the war now over, Krayt stated, he would put his grand vision into action.[1]


"The true Roan Fel knew we were coming. He smelled a trap and has now escaped."
―Darth Krayt, to Darth Maladi[1]

Krayt quickly realized that the man he had killed was not Fel, as the former Emperor was skilled in the Force and lightsaber combat and thus surely would have fought back, while the faux Fel had not even tried to resist. Krayt proclaimed Fel to be a fugitive from Imperial justice, and his agents began searching for him.[4] Fel and the faction that remained loyal to him spent the next several years launching hit-and-run attacks on Krayt's Empire. Seven years later, Fel still remained at large, much to Krayt's displeasure.[5]

Meanwhile, a short time after the assassination attempt, Maladi visited Calixte at her apartment and accused her of informing Fel of the imminent attack. Before leaving, Maladi threatened Calixte, telling the Moff that she now served the Sith Lord.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

The attack on Emperor Fel first appears in the first issue of Star Wars: Legacy, Broken, Part 1. It later appears in a flashback in Legacy (2006) 8, which depicts part of the attack from Calixte's point of view. The Essential Atlas incorrectly places the attack in the year 137 ABY.



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