The Attack on Endor is a scenario expansion set, released on February 24, 2006[1] for the Star Wars Miniatures Game, produced by Wizards of the Coast. The scenarios were written by Sterling Hershey.


Contents include:

The AT-ST comes with a new sculpt and paint job (Endor camo) while the others are just reissues from Rebel Storm. All the miniatures' bases are unique to the set and have their own set icon (a Scout Trooper helmet) and number. These changes are also reflected in the corresponding cards.

The scenario booklet contains 6 scenarios continuing the spirit of the discontinued Ultimate Missions set. For easier gameplay, only about a third of Star Wars Miniatures: Universe (and about a half dozen common and uncommons from other sets) is required to play all the scenarios, as opposed to the nearly complete sets required for the Ultimate Missions series. The scenarios inside represent battles across the Star Wars timeline from a Republic siege to the battle of Endor to a Yuuzhan Vong hunting New Republic refugees. New glossary definitions have been added for scenario play such as Concealment and Wreckage.

With the release of this set, all maps that were included were made tournament legal as well as beginning the enforcement of the new "living" rule.

In the Star Wars logo printed on the cards, the orange and gold lettering has been changed to silver and white. This change seems permanent, as cards for the subsequent Champions of the Force set also had this change.

The scenarios in the booklet are:

  • Attack on Endor (Rebellion)
  • Fighting The Outer Rim Sieges (Clone Wars)
  • Magar's World (Rebellion)
  • Smuggler's Rescue (Rebellion)
  • Temple Intruders (New Republic)
  • Overwhelmed (New Jedi Order)

Scenarios[edit | edit source]

Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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