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The Attack on Jabba's Palace was a skirmish carried out by the Shadow Collective at Jabba's Palace on Tatooine, after Jabba the Hutt ordered his bounty hunters to kill Maul on Nal Hutta. Landing on the Hutt grounds, Death Watch warriors attacked Jabba's men, killing many. With the warriors doing the dirty work, the leaders walked right into the palace, opposed by none. Entering Jabba's main chamber, Pre Vizsla and Maul gave Jabba and Gorga one chance to join them. Jabba conceded defeat and gave the Hutt Clan's backing to Death Watch's coup on Mandalore; which was not part of the Galactic Republic and therefore, the Clan was not breaking the treaty or declaring war on it. The surviving guards and thugs were helped up by the Death Watch warriors.[1]

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