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"Less tax equals more profit."
―Raymas Daal[src]

In 32 BBY, the Galactic Senate, the governing body of the Galactic Republic, passed legislation calling for the taxation of trade routes to outlying star systems. A trade dispute soon developed between the megacorperation, the Trade Federation and the Republic, resulting in the blockade of Naboo.[1] At an early point in the blockade, a few students from the Royal House of Learning met with Raymas Daal, a small-time criminal, in the Naboo city of Kwilaan. Daal had a new backer, and offered the team as much as AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png10,000 to temporarily deactivate a Naboo sensor array located just outside of the city. Daal told the students he simply wanted to evade taxes on a rare spice shipment in order to increase profits, and intended to land while the sensor was deactivated. In reality, Daal's unnamed backer was the Trade Federation, which wanted to move jamming satellites into Naboo space undetected in preparation for an invasion of the planet. The meeting was interrupted by plain-clothes members of the Royal Naboo Security Forces, who intended to apprehend Daal for questioning; Daal, however, escaped, as did the students.[2]

Fulfilling Daal's task, the students located the target array using information provided by Daal, and, bypassing four Security Guards and a pair of technicians, successfully disabled it. They returned to Kwilaan to locate Daal and collect their fee.[2]

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The city of Kwilaan is the setting for the adventure, Signal Interruption, written by Wizards of the Coast author Jesse Decker.[2]

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