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During the Berch Teller campaign in 14 BBY, Berch Teller and his rebel cell attacked TaggeCo's ore mining facility on Lucazec. This occurred while Wilhuff Tarkin was chasing his stolen corvette, the Carrion Spike, through hyperspace. The dissidents then broadcast their attack on a holovid that was circulated throughout the Imperial HoloNet.


During the Imperial Era, TaggeCo operated an orbital mining facility on Lucazec. TaggeCo was owned by the House of Tagge, a wealthy and influential family. The mining facility was defended by a small garrison of ground troops and a squadron of V-wing starfighters. One of their members, General Cassio Tagge, was a member of the Galactic Empire's Ruling Council. TaggeCo's Lucazec facility supplied ore to the Galactic Empire and thus became a target for the former Republic Intelligence officer Berch Teller's rebel cell. Outraged by the Antar Atrocity, Teller and his fellow dissidents were dedicated to opposing the Empire. Two members were the human journalist Anora Fair and film director Hask Taff, who used their film-making skills to produce propaganda holovids documenting their attacks. Teller's cell also stole Moff Tarkin's personal transport Carrion Spike, which Teller wanted to use as symbol of resistance against the Empire.[1]

The raidEdit

Traveling inward of the Perlemian Trade Route, the stolen Carrion Spike attacked the Lucazec mining facility. They bombed the orbital processing plant, causing explosions and chunks of the facility to fall into local space. The Carrion Spike also destroyed several V-wings and ore haulers, with their pieces falling towards the surface. In addition, the dissidents targeted surface mining operations. Anora Fair and Hask Taff used their film-making skills to produce a holovid of the attack, which was broadcast on the Imperial HoloNet. This transmission was received by Emperor Palpatine and his Ruling Council, who were meeting at the Imperial Palace on Coruscant.[1]


In response, the Empire deployed Imperial Navy warships to protect key Imperial installations along the Perlemian and the Hydian Way. After studying the dissidents' patterns, Tarkin speculated that they were working with the warship that attacked Sentinel Base. Due to the Carrion Spike's unique fuel requirements, Tarkin deduced that the ship would be traveling to either Gromas in the Perkell sector or Phindar in the Mandalore sector to refuel. Disguised as an Imperial officer, Teller managed to link up with a tanker and refuel the Carrion Spike. Tarkin and Vader caught up with the dissidents but they escaped following a brief skirmish.[1]

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The attack on Lucazec serves as the exposition of James Luceno's 2014 novel Tarkin, the second in a line of new Canon adult novels published by Del Rey.


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