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The Second Battle of Mon Calamari was an attack by Admiral Daala launched in the early part of her campaign against the New Republic. An immobilized probe droid was accidentally reactivated on Mon Calamari, and Admiral Daala's fleet picked up the resulting transmission and responded by attacking the planet.

The battle[edit | edit source]

Exiting hyperspace close to the planet, Daala's forces caught the Mon Calamari defenses off guard. Still reeling from the reborn Emperor's assault, the Mon Calamari were able to put up a meager defense but not before Daala had caused heavy damage to several important floating cities, including Reef Home City. The Mon Calamari were able to retaliate somewhat, when the tactical genius of Admiral Ackbar resulted in the destruction of one of Daala's Imperial-class Star Destroyers, the Manticore.

Daala, angered at the loss of a starship, pressed the attack, committing her TIE Fighters to close range strafing attacks. When a New Republic fleet responded to the Mon Calamari distress call, Daala recalled her forces and fled the system.

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