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"What have you done with Admiral Bwua'tu?"
―One of the assassins, pretending to be a psychotic Jedi[src]

This attack took place on Coruscant in 44 ABY. Galactic Alliance Admiral Nek Bwua'tu was attacked by two assassins, sent by General Merratt Jaxton,[4] pretending to be psychotic Jedi. In the ensuing battle, he managed to kill one, although he lost an arm and was nearly killed himself. He was found and hospitalized afterward in a comatose state.


In 44 ABY, Senators Haydnat Treen and Fost Bramsin conspired with General Merratt Jaxton to overthrow Galactic Alliance Chief of State Natasi Daala and take control of the galaxy.[1] After they placed another conspirator, Senator Sallinor Parova, under the comm and heirarchy of Alliance Admiral Nek Bwua'tu, the conspirators decided to increase their power within the government by eliminating Bwua'tu.[3]

After spending an evening at Daala's private apartments, Bwua'tu decided to leave at three-fourteen in the morning to speak with acting Jedi Grand Master Kenth Hamner. As he walked through a transparisteel walkway on Coruscant, however, he was beset by two assassins who pretended to be psychotic Jedi, as they asserted that he was an impostor of the "real" Nek Bwua'tu. One of the Jedi ignited a green-bladed lightsaber, and Bwua'tu quickly pulled out a blaster and fired on his assailants, even while pressing an emergency signal in his vest pocket and diving over the walkway's railing.[1]

The Jedi deflected his bolts and jumped after him, but Bwua'tu managed to dive out of the way of the Jedi's attack. He kicked up, catching the Jedi behind the knee and causing his knee to buckle. He raised his blaster to fire at the attacker, but the Jedi sliced off his arm and brought the lightsaber around for another strike. Bwua'tu swung his remaining arm around to deflect the swing, however, and sent the lightsaber flying across the walkway floor. The Jedi jumped after it, but Bwua'tu quickly grabbed him in a chokehold and bit the man's shoulder.[1]

The man managed to grab the lightsaber, however, and struck at Bwua'tu over his shoulder, hitting his back with the blade. Bwua'tu released his throat and pinned down the man's lightsaber arm, forcing him to drop the lightsaber, but the man punched him in the head and quickly escaped from his grasp. Bwua'tu then realized that the fact that he had been able to survive this long meant that his attackers were not actually psychotic Jedi, but people pretending to be insane Jedi. Bwua'tu quickly grabbed his lost arm and fired the blaster in it at the attacker's face, killing him. However, the man fell on top of him, his lightsaber striking Bwua'tu's belly, and the Admiral spasmed and lost consciousness.[1]


Bwua'tu was found and hospitalized, although he remained in a comatose state. His organs had been repaired and replaced by a 2-1 BXS combat-trauma surgical droid, and Daala requested that he be fitted with a prosthetic arm. Despite the lightsaber wounds, Daala did not believe that Jedi were behind the attack, as she did not think that they would have failed. Although he did not awaken, his brain activity began to respond to the showing of an image of journalist Madhi Vaandt on the news, leading Daala to believe that Vaandt was somehow connected to the attack.[2]

Although Bwua'tu was not killed, the conspirators considered the attack to be a success, because Parova was promoted to acting Chief of Naval Operations in Bwua'tu's stead.[3]


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