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The First Battle of Research was a battle fought during the Galactic Civil War near the XQ6 Platform Research, in the Parmel system.

The battleEdit

As ordered from Lord Darth Vader, Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin had prepared six TIE/D Defender prototypes for review by Emperor Palpatine. Zaarin had arranged for Cargo Ferries Sela group to deliver cargo containers Xi, containing the prototypes, to the Emperor. While TIE Avengers Alpha patrolled the area around Zaarin's XQ6 Platform Research, TIE Defenders 5 and 6 boarded their respective containers. Immediately following, a number of B-wing starfighters from Blue squadron emerged from hyperspace attacking from various angles, closely escorted by RZ-1 A-wing interceptors Red squadron. Imperial Avengers split up to counter the impending threat. As rival starfighters contended, Cargo Ferries Sela arrived from hyperspace, heading for the containers standing by. With the multifaceted attack unfolding from all angles around Platform Research, Avengers Alpha struggled to cover the distance between the attacking forces. Having completed docking operations, Ferries Sela proceeded to the jump point with enemy fighters still bearing down on them. After the frantic effort to protect the TIE Defender prototypes, Imperial Avengers succeeded in destroying the enemy fighters just after Sela's timely departure. The EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate/Legends Thunderer arrived to relieve Alpha squadron.


Emperor Palpatine was disturbed by the attack, and wanted to find more information about who was leaking this information to the Rebellion.

Behind the scenesEdit

The skirmish appears in Star Wars: TIE Fighter in Battle 6 mission 1. This article assumes both completion of "Primary" and "Bonus objectives"


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