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"War is good for business!"
Director Zoltan Starkid, upon seeing the remains of his factory complex[src]

The attack on Tharkos was a battle of the Galactic Civil War. It was carried out by the Rebel Alliance after Han Solo tipped off the Rebels about a deal between Millennium Astro-Engineering and the Galactic Empire.

Before the attack, Han Solo paid Zoltan Starkid's personal secretary 10,000 credits to learn when and where he could steal the Millennium Falcon, a prototype of Millennium Astro-Engineering's latest craft.

Two weeks later, Han Solo and two other smugglers intercepted a group of Imperials in charge of flying the prototype to its new home, where it would be modified by engineers before Millennium Astro-Engineering could begin its production. Disguising himself as an Imperial test pilot, Han Solo entered Millennium Astro-Engineering plant and stole the Millennium Falcon.

Disliking people who dealt with the Empire, the Rebel Alliance sent three T-65 X-wing starfighters to destroy Millennium Astro-Engineering factory complex on Tharkos. After the attack, Han Solo and his two fellow smugglers headed for the planet Mazuma to recover 200,000 credits at Lucre Cosminational Bank, courtesy of Rebel Fighter Command for their efforts.


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