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The wreckage-prison Accresker Jail attacked a pirate station, and Sana Starros stated she believed it was part of the Galactic Empire's bandit purges. The station was crippled by by three Imperial-class Star Destroyers, allowing the Accresker Penal Legion to board the station and clear it of pirates. During the engagement, Chelli Lona Aphra, Lopset Yas and Dek-Nil slipped away in an attempt to escape. Magna Tolvan attempted to pick them up when when a Force spirit intervened, leading Aphra to find an ancient Jedi starship.


Chelli Lona Aphra successfully stole the data core of Hivebase-1, the R&D base of the Tarkin Initiative. The core was given to the Rebel Alliance General Hera Syndulla. However, Aphra encrypted the data so that the rebels could not get into the data unless they paid her.[5]

Aphra's escape plan is foiled by a Force-spirit

At the same time, Aphra and her droideka Dek-Nil were captured by Lieutenant-Inspector Magna Tolvan, and held in the wreckage-prison known as Accresker Jail.[5] As a prisoner, she served in the Accresker Penal Legion, and during an attack on an EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate, she and Dek-Nil attempted to escape with the shape-shifter Lopset Yas, only to be stopped by a Force spirit who moved Dek's restraining bolt, allowing the Imperial programming to control him.[2]

After the battle, Aphra was interrogated by two Imperial officers, who were unsuccessful in their first attempt. Yas, who had managed to acquire a transmitter, gave it to Aphra, knowing that she had connections with people that he didn't.[2] Aphra used it to contact Tolvan, forcing her to try and rescue them by revealing that she knew secrets about Darth Vader, and that if the interrogation officer discovered this, Tolvan would be incriminated with her. At the same time, Hera Syndulla contacted Sana Starros, hiring her to capture Aphra so she gain access to Hivebase-1's memory core.[3]

The battle[]

During the bandit purges carried out by the Galactic Empire, three Imperial-class Star Destroyers attacked a pirate station and crippled its weapons. Accresker Jail rammed the station, and the Accresker Penal Legion were deployed to clear it. As the station was attacked, Starros arrived in her ship, the Volt Cobra, heading for the prison.[3]

Accresker Jail attacks the pirate station

As the Accresker Penal Legion prepared to enter the station, they were met head-on by the pirates, and a large firefight broke out. Aphra, keen to escape, used Imperial authority code 6690B1 to regain control of Dek-Nil and slipped away from the battle with Lopset Yas. They made it to a meeting point where they met with Magna Tolvan, who had arrived to pick them up in a TIE fighter. However, the Force spirit reappeared and took out all of the sensor disruptors keeping the Empire from detecting her craft. The spirit led Aphra to a mysterious Jedi starship, and she went to investigate. Wanting to escape before she was noticed, Tolvan demanded that Aphra returned to her. Aphra, more interested in exploring the ancient ship than escaping, left Tolvan in her fighter as she followed the spirit.[3]

As the Accresker command ordered Tolvan to identify herself, her TIE fighter was attacked by the Volt Cobra, which damaged it. Starros attempted to warn Tolvan, but she jumped out of her TIE with a rocket launcher as it exploded, shooting down the Volt Cobra. Meanwhile, the Force spirit used the Force to dismantle Dek-Nil in front of Aphra and Yas. Aphra attacked the spirit, and it disappeared into the Jedi starship, revealing an infestation of gundravian hookspores which were possessing the dead body of an ancient Jedi. Aphra shot at the spores, but she was unable to damage them. As they investigated the hookspores, the engagement between the Accresker Penal Legion and the pirates had come to an end, and the convicts were called to return to the prison. Aphra and Yas ran from the receding airdome, with Yas taking Dek-Nil's central processor with him so their proximity bombs did not explode. Meeting up with Tolvan, Aphra learnt Starros was with her, but one of the hubdroids saw them and ordered them to hand over their weapons and retreat.[1]


Darth Vader arrives on Accresker Jail.

Aphra was once again interrogated by the two Imperial officers using a Bor. There, she was forced to reveal what she new about the hookspores in order to hide what she new about Vader. In response, Accresker command decided to decommission Accresker Jail and propel it into the Rebel planet[1] Tiferep Major. Desperate to escape, Aphra and her companions tricked Tam Posla[6] into delivering a shuttle to them and traded Yas, who took the form of Posla's nemesis Cornelius Evazan, for it. With Starros already jettisoned aboard an escape pod, Aphra and Tolvan attempted to escape on the shuttle when the protocol droid 0-0-0 arrived to capture Aphra. Further to this, Darth Vader, whom Tolvan had contacted as a last resort, arrived to find them too and Aphra decided to use the interrogation Bor to erase her brain.[7]


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