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During the Galactic Civil War, prisoners within the Galactic Empire's Accresker Penal Legion attacked a rebel EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate.


"Accresker? But…don't they say the probability of survival there is so low it—"
"—might as well be nonexistent. Yes. Now go find a space among the other worms and enjoy the ride."
―Chelli Aphra, and Magna Tolvan[src]

Following the infiltration of Hivebase-1, Captain-Inspector Magna Tolvan launched an attack on the Son-tuul Pride. The battle was brief and only the leaders, 0-0-0 and BT-1, managed to escape, with the rest of the Son-tuul pride members being captured. Among them was the rogue archaeologist Chelli Aphra, who had orchestrated the infiltration of Hivebase-1. Tolvan had her imprisoned in Accresker Jail[1] and she was forced to serve in the Accresker Penal Legion.[3]

The attackEdit

"Rebel vessel crippled by fleet engagement! Prepare for boarding action!"
―A hubdroid, handing out weapons to the convicts[src]

An Alliance EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate was engaged by two Imperial-class Star Destroyers leaving it crippled. The Accresker Penal Legion was subsequently called in to board the ship. They arrived aboard the jail, being pulled by Accreskers prison-tug via hyperspace, and it underwent a controlled collision to latch onto the frigate and deploy the prisoners.[3]


Convict 2317's implant begins to detonate

The prisoners advanced through the hallways, gunning down many rebel troopers. They were led by their hubdroids, which they couldn't go further than ten meters from during combat, otherwise, their micro-implant detonated. Unfortunately, one prisoner, Convict 2317, had hurt his foot and fell behind as his squad continued to advance. The hubdroid, therefore, had the prisoner's micro-implant explode before they could catch up.[3]

As 2317 incinerated, the hubdroid continued prompting its squad to advance when Chelli Aphra tricked it into thinking there were rebel commandos ahead. She then hid behind her brethren as they and the hubdroid open fired on them. The hubdroid malfunctioned and exploded, killing all of the squad except for Aphra and the prisoner named Lopset Yas. With the hubdroid gone, Aphra and Yas's micro-implants were about to detonate. However, another squad arrived in time, consisting of only it's hubdroid, the droideka Dek-Nil, as the other members had died from a series of convenient accidents. Yas begged him to let him into his squad and Dek-Nil spared him and Aphra of their alternate fates.[3]

The Accresker force ghost

Aphra and Yas witness a Force spirit

Aphra knew who Dek was, having worked with him on Hivebase-1. She introduced Yas to Dek-Nil and Dek-Nil to Yas before she began looking for an escape route. When Yas asked Aphra how she knew Dek-Nil and she explained how she had reprogrammed him and that his restraining bolt was connected to a dummy control circuit, preventing it from controlling him.[3]

The three then came across a protocol droid and an astromech who were hiding in an escape pod. Aphra and Yas gunned them down, and Aphra asked Yas if he was worth escaping with. As she asked this, Dek-Nil's restraining bolt began to glow and it moved to take control of his actual control circuit, forcing him to identify and blow up the escape pod. Aphra and Yas then turned to see a Force spirit, who had foiled their escape. But before they could speculate on what it was, Dek-Nil ordered the two to return to the jail at once. The three returned to Accresker Jail and it detached from the burning frigate.[3]


"I happen to know this Jail is en route to the Bandit Purges in Senex-Juvex."
―Magna Tolvan, on Accresker Jail's next target[src]
Aphra 21 attack

Accresker Jail prepares to engage a pirate station

Aphra was taken into interrogation by an Interrogation officer and his Lieutenant. Although they were unsuccessful. They planned to use more effective ways to break her. When Aphra returned to the other convicts, Lopset Yas gave her a transmitter he had fixed.[3] She used it to convince Magna Tolvan into rescuing her. At that time, Accresker Jail was en route to Senex-Juvex, as a part of the Empire's bandit purges. As they engaged a pirate station, Tolvan attempted to rescue Aphra when the Force-spirit once again foiled their escape. While Aphra followed it,[2] Tolvan was attacked by Sana Starros, resulting in the loss of both their ships. Aphra also discovered that the Force-spirit was actually generated by some gundravian hookspores, housed around a long dead Jedi. As the attack on the pirate station ended, Aphra was taken away by a hubdroid for further interrogation. There, she was interrogated by a Bor and forced to reveal the existence of the hookspores. For that, Accresker command decided to decommission Accresker Jail and propel it into a rebel planet.[5]


Notes and referencesEdit

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