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"The Calabar Queen exploded without warning as it entered final approach to Cadomai, a small resort world located on the Hydian Way. Justice Action League terrorists claimed responsibility for the act, and stated in a press release that since the Empire was bringing its military might to bear on independent worlds of the Colonies and Outer Rim Territories, they were bringing their war of terror to the Core Worlds in retaliation."
―A Galaxy News Service report[src]

In 2 ABY, the terrorist group Justice Action Network sabotaged the luxury liner Calabar Queen that exploded as it entered final approach to the planet Cadomai Prime. The starship carried several Imperial Moffs, governors and high-ranking officers who died in the attack. The Justice Action Network later claimed responsibility for the terrorist strike and declared it was a retaliation for the Imperial subjugations of independent worlds in the Colonies and Outer Rim Territories. The Imperial Transport Commission was quickly assigned to investigate the explosion and confirm the sabotage. In spite of the Imperial promises of actions, the Core citizen began to fear terrorist actions in the Core Worlds.

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