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During the Galactic Civil War, Imperial forces turned back a Rebel starfighter hit-and-fade against the interdictor Compellor.


In the wake of Task Force Vengeance's destruction of their construction convoy in the Rocrin system, the Rebel Alliance began to see just how dependent the Empire's campaign was on the Immobilizer 418 cruiser Compellor. Accordingly, the Rebels plotted a retaliation attack on it, timed for when both the Compellor and, unavoidably, its companion the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Rage were docked at the former Airam space platform Goff. The Empire too acknowledged the importance of Compellor, for at that stage should it suffer significant damage of any kind, further offensive moves would be forestalled for an indeterminate time—time unable to be lost.

The BattleEdit

The Rebels entered the Goff system with two squadrons of starfighters, Viper Squadron in its A-wings and Phoenix Squadron in its B-wings. The chosen attack profile was their standard hit-and-run tactic of missile-armed dogfighters out front and heavy assault fighters behind. Viper was to engage Imperial starfighters while Phoenix attacked the Compellor with a mix of proton torpedoes and mag pulse warheads. Against them were foes Avenger Squadron in its shielded TIE/IN interceptors, Beta Squadron in its TIE/sa bombers, and Gamma Squadron in its TIE/LN starfighters.

The Imperial starfighters were quick to move onto an intercept course, Avenger Squadron being ordered to redirect power to its engines so as to meet Viper Squadron before Phoenix Squadron came within range of Goff Platform. When the two sides met, Avenger and Viper Squadrons began a fight of missile locks and laserfire. Phoenix Squadron moved on but was, in turn, intercepted by Beta and Gamma Squadrons. A series of starfighter-to-starfighter battles ensued. Phoenix Squadron was able to launch some of its torpedoes at the Compellor. The Imperials were then ordered to shoot down the warheads. In the end, swarmed by multiple TIE craft, the B-wings were gradually shot down, as were the A-wings.

At this point, the second flight groups of both Rebel squadrons made their entry. They found not a bloodied defense force, but instead a robust Imperial armada amidst their comrades' wreckage and debris. The Imperials, who had been gloating at the losses the Rebels were already suffering over their comm channels, switched their attention to warning their pilots that even more desperate attacks could be expected from their foes. The TIE pilots rose to the challenge, and the Rebel second wave went the way of the first. The Compellor was, for now, saved.


"That's it for Phoenix Squadron! They were brave, but doomed!"
―Unknown Imperial comm officer on the Rebel attack[src]

Although the Rebellion's strike had been thwarted, the Empire was forced to admit that their enemies had caught on to them. The tactic of pairing an Imperial-class Star Destroyer with an interdictor cruiser was causing the Rebels great concern. Further attacks against the Compellor could be and were expected as Task Force Vengeance proceeded.

As was typical in battles, a number of pilots survived the destruction of their craft and were rescued. Many of the Rebels so captured, despite their loyalties, were found to be quite eager to mitigate their situations by providing valuable information. What they reported unsettled the Imperials still further and set the stage for the next encounter at Mobetta.


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