The Second Battle of DS 5 was a conflict during the Battle for Honor campaign in the Galactic Civil War.


Admiral Harkov, an Imperial Navy officer who defected to the Alliance to Restore the Republic, was using the Rebel outpost DS 5 to gain supplies for his forces. However, this was prevented by an Imperial raid earlier.Upon locating Harkov, Gunboats from Mu group returned the system near Rebel outpost DS 5. Imperial Intelligence reported the transit of various cargo vessels bound to Harkov's location. The Secret Order, wanted Maarek Stele to inspect the convoy to know what supplies were critical to Harkov's fleet.

The battleEdit

Equipped with heavy rockets, the Gunboats emerged from hyperspace almost twenty kilometers from DS 5 and the Protector (the admiral's flagship), lying in wait for anything that may arrive to re-supply the traitor Harkov. Three bulk freighters from Karflo arrived first, immediately seized upon by the four Gunboats from Mu, one of which piloted by Maarek Stele, aided by four additional Gunboats from Rho group as backup. Stele inspected the freighters to find supplies inside before the freighters were all destroyed. In the moments to come, Imperial Gunboats inspected and destroyed two Modular Conveyors SoruSuub containing water and Hydrazine, Container Transports Morgath 1, containing spares & 5, containing munitions and two CR90 corvettes Sundog, containing troops.

By the time Imperial starfighters could destroy the arriving convoy, TIE Avengers from Victory I-class Star Destroyer Protector had closed the distance on Gunboats Mu and Rho. Outclassed and out gunned Imperial fighters offered a brief show of force by destroying a few of the far superior Avengers, then escaped to the safety of lightspeed.


The destruction of the convoy was a blow to Harkov's fleet. Now the next step was to take out his starfighter superiority with Hyperdrive capable TIE Avengers.

Behind the scenesEdit

This battle appears in Star Wars: TIE Fighter]]. It is Battle 5 Mission 3.

This article assumes completion of both "Primary" and "Secondary" objectives. The "Bonus" objectives include inflicting casualties on Harkov's TIE Advanced squadrons, all A-wings destroyed, hitting the Protector, inspecting at one of the supply containers near the ship and destroying all Heavy Lifters AAA Tow, A1 Tow and A2 Tow. These can't be achieved unless the player replaces Heavy Rockets with Advanced concussion missiles.


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