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Around 3642 BBY, in the first days of the Galactic War between the reconstituted Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, the Republic forces had freed the notorious Jedi Master Revan. Revan went to the Foundry, an ancient Rakatan space station, to create a droid army to annihilate the Empire.

Preparing for an upcoming assault on the Foundry, the Harrower-class Dreadnaught White Nova ambushed the Dorin's Sky, a Thranta-class corvette that was carrying supplies and troops to the space station. Once captured by the White Nova's tractor beam, an Imperial strike team entered the warship and captured it after eliminating the Republic forces in command of it. The ship would be later used to bypass the Republic blockade and board the Foundry prior to the arrival of the White Nova and the rest of the Imperial task force.

The attack[]

An Imperial strike team, supported by Imperial troopers, entered the Dorin's Sky via an airlock. They fought through Republic troopers, battle droids, and Jedi as they moved through the decks of the vessel toward the bridge. In the process they defeated the HXI-54 Juggernaut, Major Alvena and her supporting combat droids, Jedi Master Sakan Do'nair and a pair of Jedi healers, and Lieutenant Menerus.

During the battle, Captain Yelto, commanding the ship, realized that her troops would not be victorious and triggered the self-destruct. Forced to hurry, the strike team engaged Chief Engineer Kels in the reactor control room, defeating him and his power droids, before reaching the bridge. The bridge was defended by Commander Jorland and a squadron of supporting troops. Despite utilizing a personal energy shield, Jorland was killed and the strike team took control of the ship.


With the Dorin's Sky under their control, the strike team ordered Imperial troopers to execute all remaining crew.

The Empire then provided a new crew for the ship and continued onward to the Foundry.

Behind the scenes[]

The Attack on the Dorin's Sky represents the events of Flashpoint: Boarding Party in Star Wars: The Old Republic. This flashpoint is available only to Imperial players.



Notes and references[]

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